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Childhood Phone is an antagonist in Sweet Dreams, and one of the antagonists in Intermission 1. Not much is known about it for right now other than it's appearance, more information will be added when new information on the game is revealed.


It is a phone resembling the phone from fnaf 4.Except it is detailed and has a grim face with soulles eyes with a skeleton's nose and a mouth that has gnarly teeth.It has 4 wheels, the front 2 is white and small while the other is big and red


  • Like other Childhood Animatronics, Childhood Phone is based on one of FNaF 4 toys - Childhood Robot is based on FNaF 4 toy robot; Childhood Worm is based on FNaF 4 toy caterpillar; and Childhood Phone is based on a phone toy from FNaF 4.
  • The wheels of Childhood Phone are 'yo-yo' toy wheels.