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Dream Puppet is an antagonist in Sweet Dreams. Not much is known about them for current moment other than their appearance, more information will be added when new information on the game is revealed.


Dream Puppet is a plush toy version of original Puppet character from FNaF 2 video game and a mascot of fictional pizzeria Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Unlike the other Dream Animatronics, they have small teeth that are not sharp, without gums visible, and closer to base of their tongue. Unlike his original counterpart from the original games, Dream Puppet have buttons for eyes and teeth and a movable jaw.


  • Dream Puppet and Dream Fredbear are the only characters without sharp teeth and gums visible.
  • It was revealed in the Discord server, that the Dream Animatronics aren't really what you would call "animatronics".
  • Dream Puppet is based off of The Puppet from Five Nights at Freddy's series.
  • Just like all of the other Dream Animatronics, Dream Puppet has button eyes. (Black ones to be exact.)
    • Dream Puppet is the only character with black button eyes.
  • The Mannequin from another Galva_'s FNaF Fan-Game The Twisted Carnival was based on Dream Puppet's old design.


Current design[]

Old design[]