Sweet Dreams is a FNaF fangame originally started by Galva_ and then continued by Lui to make it a full game with Galva and many others help the Gamejolt for the game can be located here.

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"We are still your friends!Do you still believe in that? You find yourself in your attic,and you don't exactly remember what got you there,but there is no time to think,the monsters are coming You must defend yourself as you try and survive this forever changing hellscape,as you try to remember what has gotten you here in the first place Survive until it's 6am,and you'll be able to leave the attic and search for clues,as the landscape forever changes to your worst fears. Don't get trapped while your searching,or you may never come back from the fears that hold you. Sweet dreams!

Contains: A Full Six Night Experience,with a new challenge after each night,a sort of Intermission! A Large Cast of Characters,some you might not even see until the game is released! Some Animated sequences during the night! Of course,a whole bunch of secrets! " ― Gamejolt Description

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  • 50 Followers-Thank You So Much For Following!
  • 100 Followers-A Teaser Of a Choice being Story Related or A Tease to a Brand New Character!
  • 500 Followers-Special Fan-art will be Featured in the Extras Menu! ((If there is Fan-art))
  • 1000 Followers-I will set myself on an adventure to get a FNAF Youtuber to play a role in this game! ((Dawko,Fusion,8BitRyan,Literally anyone i can find!))
  • 2000 Followers-A Special Poster Design/Wallpaper Digitally Drawn for all those wanting some art!
  • 3000 Followers-A Ultimate Custom Night sort of deal that would include all the characters in Sweet Dreams!((Would come in form of an update))
  • 3500 Followers-You Guys Choose 3 Fan-games to put in as Easter Eggs!Of course we'll have to ask permission first if we reach this threshold,but yeah!
  • 5000 Followers-Even more Posters and Wallpapers!((Maybe even a Comic detailing the events before and after Sweet Dreams but thats a big maybe))
  • 10,000 Followers-A Collaboration Between The Fan-games "The Twisted Carnival","Weekend" and Sweet Dreams ?!?! ((If you have never heard of the other two fan-games,check em out,they're awesome))

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  • The story for the re-branded version of the game's story was originally gonna be about the parents of the dead children, but this was scrapped.


See: Sweet Dreams OST

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For teasers, posted during "Events" see: Events

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